Thursday, 21 January 2010

best line up yet!

Thursday 11th February

Good Knives - brilliant punkrock from the US and the UK! Like AFI back in the good old days! Members of The Ruined and Love Equals Death (remember them- Fat Wreck recording artists!)

OK Pilot - Exeter's most exciting band! Hot Snakes plus something from the dischord back catalogue doesn't do them justice!

Just Panic - Liverpool trio who do the unbelievable job of mixing The Offspring and Against Me!

The Little Achievers - a throwback to the late 70s i reckon. New wave punks- somewhere between The Undertones and XTC

Doors at 8pm. 16+. Bring id. £4

Thursday, 7 January 2010

i have some...

Thursday 21st January

Apologies I Have None- really really great folk punk. Much like the first few eps Against Me! recorded. First show in Exeter!

Smoke Em Out- grammatically incorrect, but socially perfect. I think they want to sound like GBH. They do.

Some Sort Of Threat- Rory is becoming better and better at being a rightoeus punkrock singer. Tours the country on buses, trains and borrowed lifts. Solved The Case of the Mysterious Village.

Jon Shoe- cut ups and annalise punk

Doors at 8pm. 16+. Bring id.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

week two in the exeter punk rock house...

Thursday 14th January

Brothers- take two drummers and one bass player; train them in punkrock bands for years. marinade them in the florida sunshine. make sure furiousness comes bursting out. think of an ironic name. presto, you have Brothers; garage punk at its finest!

Caves- melodies you wouldn't believe from this brand new Bristol trio. already due big things, they're coming here first!

The False Arrests- if I had to choose a favourite person, Luke Ellis would be in the running. Him, or Big Punisher. His bandmates know this! Against Me meets Rancid!

Red Army- this bays have the hair and the fast and the hair. i like! street punks from places that don't have pavements!

Doors at 8pm. £3. Bring id. 16+